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Merchant Portal Product Catalog Tab FAQ

Please note: The Merchant Portal Product Catalog Tab is currently available to Shopify merchants only and is coming soon to other platforms.

What is the Product Catalog Tab?

The product catalog tab is a section within your merchant portal that allows you to toggle off any products you wish to not appear within your Discover Following Feed.

Where can I find out more about the Discover Following Feed and how it works?

Check out our Discover Following Feed FAQ!

Where Can I Find the Product Catalog Tab?

  1. Log into the merchant portal.
  2. Go to “Engage”
  3. Select the “Product Catalog” tab.

How Can I Toggle On and Off the Products I would like to Remove from Appearing in my Discover Following Feed?


Under the Product Catalog tab, you will toggle off the blue toggle to the right of any product to remove it from appearing in your Discover Following Feed.


Further Questions?

If you run into any questions, please reach out to your CSM or use our contact form for assistance.