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Discover Following Feed FAQ

Please note: The Discover Following Feed is currently available to Shopify merchants only and is coming soon to other platforms.

What is the Discover Following Feed?

Every time a customer makes their first purchase from your store, they’ll automatically follow your brand in the Route app Discover experience. Route app users who have not purchased from your store will also have the ability to find and follow your brand for updates.

Anytime you drop a launch, we’ll populate your followers’ feed with those items so customers can quickly and easily discover products from your brand.

How does the Discover Following Feed work?

We utilize Shopify permissions to read your product catalogue and display your latest and greatest items within the customer's following feed.

Are there any steps I need to take to set it up for my store?

No steps are needed to be taken on your end, other than setting Route up in your store. Our system will then connect with your catalogue and take care of the rest!

When we drop new product launches, how are customers notified?

We designed the following feed to update your customers in a sleek and relevant way. When a follower logs into the app and checks out the following tab, the feed will populate with any new items from the brands they follow since their last login. Customers will remain in the loop on brands they love most, without being overwhelmed by notifications or updates.