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Route Billing & Premiums

Customers have the option to add Route package protection at checkout and pay a small premium to purchase it. We ask for billing details because Route collects these protection premiums from merchants on a weekly basis. Route debits this amount weekly.*

*Note: Some of our partnered merchants are not on a weekly billing cadence. Reach out to your designated CSM or our Live Chat feature through our Help Center if you have any questions about about your billing with Route. 

Billing Frequency

Every Monday* a CSV (spreadsheet) will be sent to your billing contact with a complete list of orders that purchased Route. From there, every Wednesday Route will initiate the premium transfer for that total amount.

This allows you to provide the benefits of Route to your customers without paying for them yourself. If the frequency of billing ever changes, you will be notified.

In the Route Portal, set up your billing information to facilitate the transfer of Route premiums and receive billing notifications. For merchants looking for information about reimbursements, read about reimbursements here.