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Route Portal: Finance

This article will assist you in getting familiar with the features in your Route Dashboard Finance Tab. 

First, login to the Route Brand Portal. Then in the Navigation on the left hand side, click Finance

Once you enter into the Finance section of the Portal, use the following drop downs to explore each tab: 

Payments Tab

The Payments tab is where you can find and download all your Route invoices. You can additionally edit your Payment information by clicking on Edit Payment Account on the top right corner. 


When exploring your payments page, you may see the following: Paid, Unpaid, and/or Refunded: Credit

Paid means that you as the merchant have paid the invoice for premiums owed to Route. 

Refunded: Credit are refunds/credits back for cancelled orders. 

Unpaid could mean that there are issues with verifying your account so a payment may have failed. You can update your account information or reach out to our team in the bottom right hand corner of the Dashboard page. 


Reimbursements Tab

The Reimbursements Tab will house all reimbursements sent to your Reimbursement Account with Route. You need a Reimbursement Account set up in order to receive any Reimbursements from Route. 

Account Settings Tab

Here in the Account Settings Tab, you will be able to click between both the Payment Account and Receivables Account and insert all necessary information for Route to assist properly with Reimbursements and with Reorders/Refunds through our Protect feature. 

In order for Route to receive the amount that our mutual customers pay for Route Package Protection, we use Stripe to debit the exact amount of the total premiums.

We debit this amount weekly.* Billing notifications are sent on Monday, and you are billed on Wednesdays. If the frequency of billing ever changes, you will be notified.

*Note: Some of our partnered merchants are not on a weekly billing cadence. Reach out to your designated CSM or our Live Chat feature through our Help Center if you have any questions about about your billing with Route. 

Payment Account

After entering the Finance tab, choose Account Settings, at the top of the page. 

Under Account Settings, choose Payment Account.



You will then choose Change Payment Account and enter all necessary information regarding your account. 





6. Click Save. Once your bank information has been inputted, Stripe will put 2 micro-deposits in your account. You will need to verify the amounts of the micro-deposits by clicking on the red ribbon at the top of your merchant portal:


Receivables Account

Under Account Settings, choose Receivables Account.



4. You will enter all necessary banking information and submit. By using the Receivables Account from then on, you will be able to edit your information at any time; which will be located on the bottom right of the page. 

Note: It is necessary for you to set up your receivables account in order to get any/all reimbursements sent by Route. 

If you are a Shopify or BigCommerce platform user, you can refer to this Route Order Issues Resolution (Automatic Issue Resolution) & Reimbursements article for more details surrounding our Automatic Issue Resolution process and your Reimbursement/Receivables Account, and how to get all necessary information inserted into the Route Dashboard. 

*For any questions, please contact our support team with the chat in the bottom right corner.

Have more questions about billing? Read about Route Billing & Premiums