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Early Access: In-Email Product Recommendations

We’re excited to release early access to our new, in-email product recommendation feature! This feature gives your store the ability to highlight products in your store within the shopper-facing Route tracking emails

These product recommendations will come directly from your Shopify product catalog to suggest complementary products based on other shopper purchase co-occurances. This feature will be available to a limited number of merchants for a short trial period. 

What Does That Mean for My Store?
If you’re part of Early Access, Route will automatically source products from your Shopify product catalog to suggest complementary products to your customers within their Route tracking emails. Customers can click on the product links to visit your site, explore new products, and make additional purchases. 
How Does This Feature Integrate with the Products in my Store?
The Route algorithm will automatically generate product co-occurrences with other products from the shoppers purchase history and output these products in descending order of co-occurences
How Long Does Early Access Last?
We will activate this feature in your account on Friday, July 15th for 60 days. When early access ends on Thursday, September 15th the feature will be automatically switched off. 
What if I Want to Use In-Email Product Recommendations after this Date?
If you’d like to continue using our in-email product recommendations after September 15th, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or reach out to the team at
Will I Be Able to Review the Clicks/Metrics for the Product Recommendations?
Not yet, but soon! Your CSM will be able to provide you with information regarding metric performance prior to the Route Dashboard update coming later this year.
Can I Choose Which Recommendations are Shown to My Shoppers?
Customization is unavailable in the early access trial phase but will accompany the Dashboard update later this year.
What if I Don’t Want In-Email Product Recommendations?
Please contact your Customer Success Manager for information on removing the feature from your store
I Want to be part of Early Access! Can I Join?
Yes! Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.