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Insights Report Breakdown

The Insights Report is a custom report that gives merchants a detailed look into what’s being protected by Route, how much money they’ve saved by partnering with us, and how their customers feel about filing claims with Route. This guide walks through the value and definition of each section in the report. 


  • Total Protected Orders: Count of how many orders have included Route Protection.
  • Total Revenue Saved: This is an estimate of how much money Route has saved your business. Through research we found that it costs an average of $7 to resolve a post-purchase issue. The total also includes the cost of refunds and reorders. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: How happy your customers are with their Route claims experience on a scale of 1-5.


Route does more than protect and track your orders–we save you money!

  • Overhead savings are directly related to the $7 per claim we’ve estimated that you would be paying for a support team to handle your claims. 
  • Refund Savings: The amount of money Route has paid towards your customer’s refunds.
  • Reorder Savings: The amount of money Route has paid towards your customer’s reorders.


  • Protected Revenue: Total revenue protected by Route against shipping liabilities (excluding shipping and tax).
  • Protected Orders: Count of how many orders placed that were protected by Route.
  • Attachment Rate: The percentage of orders that are protected by Route against shipping liabilities–the higher the percentage, the lower your revenue risk. 

Customer Experience

We appreciate you trusting us to work with your customers to resolve their post-purchase issues. This section gives you insight into their experience working with Route.

  • Claims Approval Rate: Percentage of claims approved over claims resolved.
  • Claims Filed by Value: This shows what order sizes are incurring the most filed claims.
  • Claims Filed by Type: The percentage and number of claims grouped by the issue.
  • Top Denial Reason: The most common reason your customer’s claims are being denied.
  • Average First Response Time: The average time it takes for a customer to receive a response from Route regarding their claim.
  • Customer Feedback: This is feedback directly from your customers regarding their experience filing a claim with Route.

Please contact your CSM if you have any questions regarding the Insights Report.