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Route SMS Shipping Notifications FAQ

How Can I Implement SMS Shipping Notifications through Route?

You can turn on any of the SMS notifications in the merchant portal by going to the “Engage tab” and selecting “Shipping Notifications”

Please note: Be sure to double check that you have the Route Thank you page asset turned on as it is required for users to opt-in for SMS. For step-by-step instructions on how to turn on your Thank you page asset, please see our Help Center article: Enable Route's Thank You Page Tracking Link

How Does the SMS Sign-Up Asset Look and Function?

Once the SMS asset has been enabled, our customers will be able to opt-in for SMS on their order confirmation page.

As soon as they add in their cell phone number, they will begin receiving SMS shipping notifications on this particular order!


Once a Customer Opts into SMS Notifications for their Order, will they just Receive SMS Tracking Notifications for that Specific Order or for Any and All Future Orders Placed Under their Account?

When a customer opts into SMS notifications on the order confirmation page, they are only opting in to receive SMS tracking notifications for that particular order. They will need to re-enter their phone number on future orders for future SMS shipping notifications.

How Do SMS Notifications Interact with or Affect Other Notifications I have Set Up through Route (i.e. email notifications, push notifications, etc…)?

Enabling SMS doesn’t affect email or push notifications you have enabled. Meaning, we send customers SMS notifications when they opt-in at order confirmation, in addition to any other Route shipping notifications a merchant has enabled.