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Cause Tags FAQ


How Do Cause Tags Work?

When you set up or edit your Route in-app merchant profile, you have the ability to choose to add up to eight cause tags. Once you’ve selected and saved your cause tags, these tags will appear within your in-app merchant profile, and they will be searchable by all app users.

How Do Customers Shop by Cause Within the App?

When customers log into the app and go to Route’s Discover section, they can scroll down to a “Shop by Cause” section and select a cause to shop by. Once they click the cause of interest, they will be able to scroll through merchants who identify with the particular cause and shop their products.

What Causes Can I Currently Choose from and What Does Each Mean?

Current causes include:

  • BIPOC Owned
    • Brands founded and owned by a leader who is black, indigenous, or a person of color. 
  • Sustainable
    • Merchants who produce products that are designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly.
  • Female Founded
    • Brands who are founded by strong female leaders that are changing the game.
  • Ethically Made
    • Products from these merchants are produced in an ethical way where the workers and those involved in bringing these products to life work in excellent conditions with fair wages. These merchants are also creating goods in a way that reduces their environmental footprint.
  • Brands that Give Back
    • These brands are founded with a mission to give a percentage of their sales back to a meaningful cause. 
  • Hand-Made
    • Products from these brands are individually hand-made, sometimes small-batch, and always crafted with care. Making any purchase from these merchants a true work of art.
  • Plant-Based
    • These brands create products using plant-based resources and ingredients.
  • Cruelty-Free Beauty
    • Products and ingredients from these makeup and skincare merchants have never been tested on animals during production.
  • Clean Beauty
    • These beauty brands use the best quality ingredients that are mindfully created and produced without any toxins. These brands keep both our bodies and environment in mind when bringing these products to life.

Is There a Limit to How Many Causes I Can Add to my Profile?

There is no limit to how many causes you can add to your profile. However, we do recommend choosing the top causes that most accurately reflect your brand.

Will There be More Cause Tags Available in the Future?

Yes! More to come.

How Many Customers is My Brand Exposed to Within the App?

The in-app Route network currently includes 5m+ customers, and that number is growing every day.

How Often Can I Update My In-App Merchant Brand Profile and Cause Tags?

As often as needed! We recommend updating your brand profile with any major branding or cause changes, although we don’t anticipate cause tags needing to be frequently updated.

If I am a Non-Route Merchant Interested in Tapping into the Route Network, How Can I Learn More?

If you are a merchant hoping to take advantage of Shop by Cause and other Route network products and benefits, sign up for a demo here and read more about our current offerings on our Route for Merchants website!