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Magento Implementation Guide

This guide contains steps on how to complete the implementation for the Route Protect asset on the checkout option(s) on Magento. Please review the Magento-specific installation document. You can reference the detailed instructions here: Magento Route Extension Docs.

After Completing Route Onboarding

Confirm tokens needed to complete implementation:

  • Go to the Merchant Portal > Admin
  • Find Store Details > Public/Secret/Test Secret Tokens (Take note, these are the tokens necessary to complete implementation)


  • Return to the Magento Route extension configuration page and confirm if tokens were automatically filled in.
  • If the tokens were not auto-filled in the Magento Route configuration page, copy and paste the tokens from Route Merchant Portal.


Check if Route Protect is Enabled

  • Go to the Merchant Portal > Admin 
  • You will go to Route Configuration and see Route+ Package protection
  • You will be able to see if it’s enabled or disabled. 


Staying Enabled

To confirm if you are properly enabled:

  • Navigate to your site and add any product to cart
  • Go to checkout and confirm Route widget rendering
  • If Route widget is NOT rendering you will need to return to the merchant portal and go to Route+ Package Protection then Edit and Disable. 

If you are Seeing Route as Disabled

  • Go to the merchant portal > Route+ Package Protection
  • Edit > enable
  • To confirm if you are properly enabled
    • Navigate to your site and add any product to the cart 
    • Go to checkout and confirm Route widget rendering

If the Route Widget is NOT Rendering

  • Go to the Merchant portal
  • Select Route+ Package Protection
  • Click the Edit pencil, then disable


For further instructions, please refer to the Magento Route Extension Docs

Need some help? Not to worry! All merchants have access to free, expert implementation from the Route team. Just use this form and our merchant technical support team will file a request on your behalf.