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Set up your Customer Notification Settings

Use Customer Notifications to notify your customers when a package is shipped. More transparency means fewer customer support calls.

NOTE: Pre-shipment notifications are only available to Route Pro merchants.

These notifications are managed in the Route Portal. Follow these steps to set up your customer notifications:

  1. Login to the Route Portal.
  2. In the navigation on the left side, select Engage.
  3. Select Shipping Notifications
  4. Find the shipping notification you’d like to turn on and click Settings.
  5. Under Settings, use the Preview option next to App (Push Notification) and Email to preview each option. 
  6. Check the Trigger section to understand how the notification will trigger.
  7. For the Shipment delay notification, set the send time. 
  8. Lastly, turn the notification on or off using the toggle to the right of “Send:”