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How to Exclude Route from Discounts (Shopify)

Use the instructions below to ensure the Route Package Protection fee does not get included in discounts in Shopify.

First, create a collection to exclude Route:

  1. Login to Shopify
  2. From your Shopify dashboard, click on Products
  3. In the menu under Products, click on Collections
  4. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on Create collection
  5. Under Collection type, click Automated
  6. Name the collection All store products
  7. Under Conditions, choose Products must match: all conditions
  8. Add the rule: Product vendor is not equal to Route
  9. Add the rule: Product type is not equal to Insurance
  10. Save the collection

Note: This will create a collection of all store products where Route is excluded. Any new products will automatically be added to this collection, so no additional work is needed to maintain this group.

If you have specific collections, please include these two rules (Product vendor is not equal to Route and Product type is not equal to Insurance) in addition to any other rules you have, so that Route is excluded from those collections as well.

Creating Coupons

When creating coupons, adding collections to the coupon defines what products the coupon can be applied to. As long as the two conditions to exclude Route are included in any of your collections (shown above), all you need to do is select the collections that you want to apply your coupon to.

  1. Create a discount
  2. Under the Applies to section, choose specific collections
  3. Add the collections that you want to apply the discount to
  4. Finish configuring the discount and then Save