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Where is my order?

Once you've made an online purchase covered by Route, you will receive both a confirmation of coverage from Route and a confirmation of purchase/shipping from the retailer.

Example of Route Confirmation:


Example of Retailer Confirmation:

Retailer confirmation emails will often include a link to track your package. Otherwise, a separate email from the retailer will be sent once the package has shipped.
If you're having trouble tracking down your order, we recommend the following steps:
  1. Searching your email for a shipment confirmation and tracking number from the retailer
  2. Reaching out to the retailer directly to check on a package status and tracking number update 
  3. Downloading our mobile app to utilize Route’s Visual Tracking to keep an eye on future package status updates!

In the chance your Route-protected order was lost, damaged, or broken in transit, please file a claim at and we'll be in touch with you shortly!