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Route Order Issues Resolution (Automatic Issue Resolution) & Reimbursements

Automatic Issue Resolution is Route’s solution to eliminating the time, effort, and cost required to resolve customer issues with a replacement order or refund when the customer encounters order issues with lost, damaged, or stolen packages.

Note: AIR is currently available for Shopify platforms and BigCommerce platforms. 

Route Order Issues Resolution Overview
Route Order Issues Resolution Overview

When a customer makes a purchase from a merchant that is protected by Route Package Protection, and that package gets lost, stolen, or damaged during transit, the customer can report that issue to the merchant via Route’s Resolve Center



Once the issue is reported, Route will assess the issue using Route’s policy rules to determine whether it qualifies for a replacement order or refund.

In the case where the issue does qualify, Route will automatically trigger a replacement order or refund to the customer (depending on the merchant’s preference, available inventory, etc.) using Shopify or the original form of payment.

Once the decision to replace or refund order has been made, Route will immediately execute the resolution without any need for human intervention by Route or the merchant.

Customer Experience
  1. Customer orders from the merchant
  2. Customers order is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit
  3. Customer reports an order issue using Route's Resolve Center
  4. Route will programmatically assess the issue using Route’s policy rules/guidelines to determine if the reported order issue qualifies for a replacement order or refund
  5. If the reported issue does qualify, Route will automatically trigger a replacement order or refund to the customer, including shipping & taxes
  6. If the reported issue doesn’t qualify, Route will notify the customer via the issue status page that their request has been denied and why it was denied
Merchant Experience

Merchants pay for reorders and refunds initially. Merchants will be credited weekly* for all refunds and reorders. Route’s integration with Shopify will allow the customer’s original form of payment to be credited, and merchants will initially cover the refund or reorder. 

As of the pay period 11/23-11/29, Route will directly refund the merchant to a banking account of their choosing. Merchants will be able to update their banking information in the Route Portal. 

*Note: Some of our partnered merchants are not on a weekly billing cadence. Reach out to your designated CSM or our Live Chat feature through our Help Center if you have any questions about about your billing with Route. 

Reorders will be processed through the original platform (Shopify). Reorders will look like a regular order but the details will show like:


October 12, 2020 at 11:53 am from Route - Shipping Protection (via import)

When issuing a replacement via platform, Route will reimburse the merchant for the order subtotal and taxes paid by the customer on the original order. Route does not pay custom/duty fees.

Refunds will be processed through the customer's original payment method. Refunds will be initiated by Route and look like:

Route issued a refund for Order ( #BM1419440 ID:2635015061575 RT159923894129YQT )

When issuing a refund via platform, Route will refund the order subtotal and taxes to the customer’s original payment method, and issue a reimbursement to the merchant. The Route premium is not included in the customer or merchant refund. 

Route Communication
Email associated with the billing contact information will receive a regular report that includes every single credit with order details.

Manage Reimbursement Settings

There are two different ways to get to the Edit page to your Reimbursement Account information in the Route Dashboard. Use the following steps to add or update your reimbursement information. 

  1. Login to the Route Brand Portal.
  2. In the navigation on the left side, choose Admin

  3. In the Settings tab, choose Edit next to Reimbursement Contact.

  4. This will bring you over to the Finance tab within the Route Dashboard where you can edit the email contact, address, and name for your Reimbursement account with Route. 

    *Another way to get to this Edit page is by going directly to the Finance tab in the Route Dashboard. 


    Once there, you will click on Account Settings, then Receivables Account. This will bring you to the same Edit page to add in all necessary information regarding your Reimbursement account. 


  5. Once you edit your main contact information, click Next to move to the next section and add your Payment Method


  6. Once you've filled out all the sections, you're done! Click Back to go back to the main Settings page.