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Recharge & Route FAQs

Route has a partnership with Recharge that allows Route Package Protection to be on every order your customer makes as part of a subscription. This partnership only applies to merchants using Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Review the frequently asked question below for more information:

Do I need to take any actions to get Recharge to work with Route?
  • Log in to your Shopify store (currently the Recharge integration is only supported for Shopify stores)
  • Have the Recharge App installed on your Shopify store (Install Recharge on Shopify)
  • Log in to your Recharge Merchant Admin Portal
  • When you click “Activate Recharge Integration”, you will be taken to a private Route install page on Recharge. Install Route there to complete the integration.
What is the customer experience?
When a customer adds Route Package Protection to an order, every shipment in that subscription will be protected.
Does an order with Recharge look any different than an order without Recharge?
If Route is added on the initial order, then every subsequent order confirmation email your customer receives will also show with Route Package Protection.
How is Route calculated?
On the initial order, it is based on the total cart value: Recharge items and regular items. On subsequent orders, it is based on the amount in that shipment at that time.
What if the order has different subscriptions at different intervals (i.e. one item is monthly and other is weekly)?
Route looks at each shipment individually. For example, in this case, on weeks 1-3 there is one item going in each shipment and Route is based on that total value. On week 4, there are two items shipped and again Route is based on that total value.
What if I have two checkouts?

Recharge will work for both single or separate checkouts.

Can Route be added to the Recharge Checkout?
Recharge locks down their checkout similar to Shopify, so Route cannot be added to a Recharge checkout at this time.