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How to exclude Route from Flexify

Ads that are displayed across all channels linked to Flexify will exclude Route Package Protection in all pop-ups.

Before continuing, you must create a collection that excludes Route.


Stores that offer a variety of products that have collections referencing specific items (e.g. Women's T-Shirts) and don't have a collection listed on their store which references all available products, do not need to hide Route as a product.


Step 1.

Open Facebook Product Feed (Flexify) in your Shopify Apps menu. It should look like this.



Step 2.

In this page, open the "Collection used for the feed" drop-down menu. Here, you will select the new collection that you created that excludes Route.




Step 3.

Save! Click the save button on the top left of this screen to finalize the changes.

If you are still encountering issues with collections or Flexify, please send use this link and we'll look into this for you.