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Onboarding Agenda: Content Overview

Before we begin, take a couple of seconds to look over the agenda, and get a glimpse into what onboarding will cover and what you can expect to have configured when onboarding is complete. 

      • Lesson 1: Intro to Route & Your Portal: Access and set up your admin account through the Merchant Portal, and configure your client experience

      • Lesson 2: Billing & Reimbursements: Why am I being billed if this is a free service? Learn how billing works and set up required payment accounts

      • Lesson 3: Route Claims: We’re going to learn what is and is not covered by reviewing route policies and get a quick glimpse into how easy it is to file a claim.

      • Lesson 4: Customer Journey: See what the customer sees, go through the customer journey step by step, look at the communication they will see, and even check out what support looks like for them

      • Lesson 5: Policies & Shipping Legality: Understand what is and is not covered by reviewing Route Policies. Why not just do it yourself? Talk about shipping legality, make sure you and your customers are protected

      • Checklist and Resources: Get familiar with key resources available to you, and learn where to go when you need help 

QUESTIONS? As you are going through onboarding, if questions arise, don't hesitate to ask! Most questions can be answered by doing a simple search of the Help Center here. And if you still have questions, you can get a response from Routes Merchant Experience Team within minutes using the Live Chat on the Help Desk or in the Merchant Portal. You can chat live Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm MT or submit a ticket, during off hours.