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Lesson 1: Intro to Route & Your Portal

Before we get too far down the road, it’s important to understand why we are here. Why Route? What is included for you to take advantage of? What is the best way to utilize our services?

Introduction to Route

Check out the quick video below to get a glimpse into what Route can do not only for you, but more importantly your customers. - COMING SOON

What is Route? Why Route?

The Route mobile app automatically connects to everything your consumers have ordered from all their favorite retailers while allowing them to visually track their packages, anytime, anywhere.

Route Package Protection enables merchants to provide package protection to their customers, allowing them to provide the same experience that consumers have come to expect from e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon. We take care of your customers lost, damaged, or stolen items with a seamless process to resolve order issues. When an order issue is reported, we refund or reorder the item in 24 hours, giving you an extra sale instead of a loss. Route is completely free for merchants.

Awesome! Now that you have a better understanding of why we are here, let’s dive into the setup.

Set Up Your Merchant Portal

To access your Merchant Portal, visit We recommend bookmarking your Portal for future access.

Your login credentials will be the account information that was used to set up Route. If you were not the primary user to set up your store account and need access, please contact your account manager to set up a profile for you.

Need help signing in? You can either contact your designated CSM, or live chat with our support team by clicking the blue contact support button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. 

What is Merchant Portal? Set Up Your Portal

The Merchant Portal is your go-to place to review, manage, and customize your account. Think of it as your own personal admin portal where you will have full visibility into everything happening with Route at your company, as well as where you can contact Support and change your settings.

Get a quick glimpse into your portal below. 


To learn more about the features and benefits of your Route Portal, check out our Merchant Portal Overview article and video. 


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