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Introduction: Choose Your Journey

Congratulations! You are now live with Route & ready to jump into onboarding. A successful onboarding is key to a successful roll out. No matter how busy you are, you can spare 10 minutes to make sure your account is set up right, and the experience is amazing for your customers. Consider it an investment in building your business. Check out the 3 options for onboarding below. 

Any job worth doing, is worth doing well” - Thomas Keller

So, how much time do you have? 

Got 10 minutes? We’ll break it up for you. Take 10 minutes a day to onboard with our 5 part series. We will send you a daily email that includes a short 5-10 minute educational video that walks you through what you need to know, and how to set it up. Your first email is on its way!

A lunch break? Go through the 5 part series at your own pace. You will find all of the videos, supplemental resources and set up instructions in this learning guide. Click "start learning" below to go in order, or jump around using the menu on the left. Each lesson is about 10 minutes, so you should be able to complete all 5 lessons before your hour lunch break is up!

An evening without Netflix? Knock out onboarding all at once, by following along with our 45 minute on demand webinar. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to optimize our partnership, set up your account and you’ll be ready to start receiving all the benefits of Route.