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Adding the Route widget in Checkout Extensibility

With the introduction of Shopify’s Checkout Extensibility for Shopify Plus Merchants, you are now able to easily add Route’s shipping protection widget to your checkout. Follow the steps below to set up.

Step 1- Upgrade to Checkout Extensibility on Shopify
Before you are able to add Route's shipping protection widget, follow the steps in Shopify's Checkout Extensibility Upgrade Guide here.
Step 2 - Within Shopify, navigate to your Checkout Editor

You may access your Checkout Editor in one of two ways: 

First way: Settings > Checkout > “Go to Checkout Editor.” 


Second way: Online Store > click “Customize” on your “Current theme” > Select  “Checkout” from the dropdown menu at the center top of page. (See screenshots below).

Select “Online Store” from your Shopify Main menu on the left-hand side of the screen


Then select “Customize” on the theme you’d like to edit. In this case, we’re selecting 

“Customize” on the live theme. 

Then click on the downward arrow at the center-top of page to reveal drop-down menu 

option. Proceed to click on “Checkout” at the bottom of the drop-down menu. 


Step 3 - Add "App Block"

Once in the Checkout Editor, select “Add app block” at the bottom-left corner of the page with a + sign to the left of the text.

Step 4 - Select “Route Package Protection”

Select “Route Package Protection” from the list of apps on the left-hand side of the page. 

Once you select the Route app, a preview of the Route widget will appear on the center of your screen.


Step 5 - If you have Shop Pay Enabled

If you are a merchant that has express checkout options like Shop Pay enabled, the “Checkout behavior” option will be available once you select the Route Package Protection app block.

Please note that this checkbox will be unchecked by default, but we recommend checking this checkbox to ensure that the Route widget appears even when your customers select Shop Pay as their method of checkout.

Step 6 - Click "Save"

Click “Save” at the top-right corner of the screen to save changes.
The implementation is now complete



Shopify has recently updated their policies with regard to merchants who utilize package protection services on the checkout. The policy states that Shopify requires merchants who decide to utilize the Route widget on the checkout, to also place the widget earlier in the checkout funnel, most commonly in the cart or cart page. If this is something that you’d like to do, you can follow the Shopify Implementation Guide in the Route Help Center.