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What Does my Issue Status mean?

When you file an issue through Route, we keep you up-to-date on your issue resolution throughout the entire process. Below is a list of each status update and their individual meanings:


"Pending" indicates your issue has been placed in our queue to be reviewed shortly, and that you may need to wait a few days before filing due to our timeframe policies.

In Review

"In Review" means that our team is hard at work reviewing the details of your issue.

Action Required

"Action Required" specifies a customer action that needs to be taken before we can proceed. Potential action required includes:

  • Police Reports if requested by our team
  • Confirmation of Order Delivery for orders marked as delivered after the issue was filed


"Approved" means your issue has been approved for a refund or reorder that will soon be processed.


"Resolved" indicates that your issue has been approved and a refund or reorder has been completed.


"Cancelled" signifies that your issue was cancelled for one of the following reasons: 

  • A lost package had a new tracking update post-filing
  • The retailer resolved the issue
  • "Action Required" wasn't completed by the customer within 7 days
  • The lost order arrived after filing, or is available for pickup
  • The package is on its way back to the sender (tracking shows "return to sender")
  • The order has yet to be fulfilled & shipped by the merchant

Not Approved

"Not Approved" indicates that your situation doesn't fall under our Route Package Protection Policies. Unprotected situations include:

  • Filing outside of the protected timeframe
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Cancelled order
  • Order held in customs
  • Incorrect address
  • Invalid police report if one was requested by our team

Note: In all cases where Route is unable to cover, we recommend reaching out to the merchant for further assistance.