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Premium Rate Change FAQ

Utilize this article to help answer common questions surrounding the Premium Increases occurring at Route. Introducing Automatic Issue Resolution (AIR), Carbon Offset Initiatives, and Live Chat have all been improvements offered due to Route’s premium rates. This next year, our goal is to invest even more to your advantage such as Merchant Portal improvements and insights, further improvements to claims rates and resolutions - and even more to come!

Why are my rates changing? 
We occasionally update our prices after reviewing market demands and local factors relevant to your store(s) such as vertical, seasonality, or claims rates. We are investing those adjusted rates to build a product that is faster and easier to use for your customers (think instant claims resolution)!

Additionally, we’re investing in ways for customers to engage more with your brand while protecting the planet. This year we’ve created ways for your customers to see more of your products in customized emails and our Route App, and we’ve provided carbon neutrality on all of your protected orders!

Can I lower my rate in the future or change it to where it was before? 
We’re currently adjusting premiums for all merchants in order to build better products for you.

Route’s package protection rates will fluctuate over time as we calibrate to both market demands and factors unique to your store, such as vertical, seasonality, and historical claims rates. 

While Route’s package protection rates may not be negotiated, keep in mind that your customers are always empowered to determine if purchasing Route’s protection services is the right choice for them.
Where can I find the value of your product?
You can log in to the merchant dashboard and review your insights here.

In addition, our tools are designed to help businesses, like yours, grow. Most of our services come at no cost to you and are charged directly to the customer. Our goal is to reduce the costs and time needed when issues arise, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Feel free to check out our additional articles listed in our help center that explain how we strive to create world-class experiences for both you and your customers. 

Will this hurt my cart conversion?
We've found changes in premiums rates had no impact on customer's decision to select package protection, or the perceived value of Route.
Will I have to pay more?
No, your consumers choose whether or not to purchase Route at the time of checkout. You will collect the premiums from your customers, and you will forward the premiums back to us. Route's one-click package protection and world-class, lightning-fast claims resolution are always free for you to offer to your customers.
How do I improve my claims rate? 
In order to improve your claims rates there will need to be actions taken to reduce the occurrence of lost, stolen, and damaged items. What can be done? 

Key objectives could include: 

  • Ensuring the packaging your products are shipped in are secure and sealed for all possibilities of weather and varied carrier handling. 
  • Providing well advised expertise on carrier choice–especially in cases where perishable items are involved.
  • Encouraging the use of high accuracy tracking solutions to lessen the chances of stolen orders by notifying consumers of their package status sooner.
    • Through Route’s mobile app tracking features, your customers can be notified of all their package status’ as well as where it is located on the map for more visibility!

For more information regarding billing at Route, check out these articles: Route Billing FAQ & Route Billing and Premiums.