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Engage Tab Overview

The Engage tab is used for customizing the post-purchase experience that your shoppers have with your brand.

You’ll notice at the top of the screen that there are three sub-tabs for Branded Content, Shipping Notifications, and Product Catalog (Discover Only).

Branded Content
This is the tab that we use to manage branded content as it shows up in the Route app for Route Discover. If you’re unsure what Discover is, we recommend checking out the Discover course and coming back to finish this section.


If you’ve completed the Discover course, you’ll know that Discover is in an early access stage for our Shopify merchants, and other platforms will be following very soon! Parts of the Engage tab will only apply to early access Shopify merchants.

Travel through each tab and fill out the necessary information within each one. 

In-App Profile Contact Info Merchant Categories
In-App Merchant Profile

Clicking on “edit” will open a side window that allows you to edit the information that is shown in your profile on the Route app. This includes store name, logos, a bio, and the option to add various merchant causes that apply to your business. Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_7.42.04_PM.png
Shipping Notifications
In this tab, you will be able to enable different types of notifications to keep your shoppers informed about different stages of the shipping process. We provide email, SMS, and app notifications, and these can be adjusted to your preferences.

The two types of shipping notifications we offer are:

  • Pre-Shipment: Keep your shoppers informed about the status of their orders before the package ships.

  • Tracking: Let your shoppers know where their order is during different phases of the in-transit shipping process.

By clicking on the settings button under the notification types, you have the ability to preview and edit the message that’s being sent across the different mediums. These mediums pull in information from the branded content tab, so if something looks weird, we recommend ensuring your content is up to date.

While in settings, you have the ability to edit the text and colors that show up in the email notifications that are sent to shoppers. Simply click on “edit” next to the email notification type to explore the customization.


ATTN: Cannabis & CBD Merchants

Due to policies with our SMS integration, we are unable to send SMS text messages for merchants who sell any cannabis, CBD, or paraphernalia. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. For any questions or concerns, please see our SMS cannabis policy in our help center.

Product Catalog (Discover Only)
For Shopify merchants, you have the ability to showcase your products within the Route app. We automatically sync products that are currently live on your online store, but if you would like to turn off any products, you can browse through your catalog and toggle off any product to hide it from appearing to shoppers within the Route app.