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Why Does Route Need My Billing Information?

Watch the quick video below to learn more about why Route needs your billing information. 

There are two reasons Route needs your billing information: Route Package Protection & Refunds and Reorders.

Route Package Protection
When your customer adds Route Package Protection during checkout, they pay a small insurance fee to protect their package. You, as the merchant, collect the total amount from the customer, including the package protection fee.

This means the package protection fee is added with NO COST to you. 

The protection fee is collected by you then transferred to Route. This is so we can refund or reimburse the customer if anything happens to their package.

After the package protection fee is transferred to Route via Stripe the process is completed. A receipt will be sent to the primary billing contact on your account to ensure complete transparency. 

Refunds and Reorders
When your customer adds Route Package Protection to their purchase, their packages will be protected if an order is lost, stolen, or damaged. 

If an issue arises, customers are encouraged to file an Order Issue to Route on the merchant portal or through their mobile app. 

To ensure a satisfying customer experience, the refund or reorder amount will be taken out of the merchant’s account initially, then on a weekly basis,* Route will refund the money 

back to the merchant. You can see all of the detailed information in the Finance tab of your merchant portal.

*Note: Some of our partnered merchants are not on a weekly billing cadence. Reach out to your designated CSM or our Live Chat feature through our Help Center if you have any questions about about your billing with Route. 

In short, we have your billing information to help your customers get a resolution quickly. For more help or questions please contact us via chat through the icon on the bottom left of your portal or email us at: