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How to File a Claim on Behalf of Your Shopper

Most of the time, customers can file claims on their own, but there are instances where complications arise with the order that requires you, as the merchant to step in. Follow these instructions to file a claim on behalf of your customer. 


1. Log in to the Route Portal.

2. Click Orders, on the left hand side. 


3. Search for the customer by Order Number, Tracking Number, Customer Email, or Customer Name. 


Note: You can also adjust the date range below the search bar to fit the orders date criteria. 

4. Once you find the order, click on it. This will bring up a panel on the right side giving you the option to Report an Issue or Request a Reimbursement for an order if needed. 

In this case, you will click on Report an Issue




4. A new tab will open with the issues form. If not already auto-populated, copy and paste the information listed under the customer's order details in their respective fields.



Once in the form, please provide any additional information needed such as:

  • a tracking number if lost
  • photos if the item is damaged

5. After the issue is reported, you can check the status of the order issue at any time under Issues in the Route Portal. 


Use the Report an Order Issue form directly 

Report issues for customers through our Report an Order Issue form.

You'll need the customer's Order Number and their email address. Please provide any additional information in the claim filing process such as:

  • a tracking number if lost
  • photos if the item is damaged