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Set Up Your Reimbursement Account

Watch the quick overview video below to learn how to set up your reimbursement account. 

Receivables/Reimbursement Account
Follow the steps below to set up and edit your Receivables Account for Route. Setting up your Receivables Account is necessary for you to receive any reimbursements Route sends to you. 

Login to the Route Brand Portal.

In the navigation on the left side, choose the Finance tab.


Under Account Settings, you will choose Receivables Account.



You will enter all necessary banking information and submit. By using the Receivables Account from then on, you will be able to edit your information at any time; which will be located on the bottom right of the page. 

If you are a Shopify or BigCommerce Platform user, you can also refer to this Route Order Issues Resolution (Automatic Issue Resolution) & Reimbursements article, for more details surrounding your Reimbursement/Receivables Account and how to get all necessary information inserted into the Route Dashboard.